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About Us.

We are professionals in Salesforce Cloud and consultancy and can assist you in every arrangement of your business whether you are looking for a brand solution or a detailed digital changeover.

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At Cynosure, we acknowledge that the industry needs of each customer are distinct and an in-depth interpretation of your methods, system, and technology eco-system is crucial to take well-informed pathways on the journey.


As your Salesforce Consulting Partner, we approach every task with inquisitive, researching and consciousness during the finding phase and provide suggestions and proposals accordingly.

Assured Reliability

Premium Quality

Quality over Quantity

Cynosure Quest believes in agile methodology to make your plan a success.


We believe that a constant collaboration with our stakeholders in each step with continuous improvement and intervention and proper planning, optimisation and execution will leave no stone unturned in getting the results we want. 

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Let us tell you about our process

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